Katie Howie

Excellent same day service. My mum thought her laptop was done for as it was running extremely slowly! We took it in to Gadget Doctor and they were able to install a new operating system and remove all of the malware within a few hours. She’s very pleased to have her laptop back, especially as it is running faster than it ever has before! Staff were very friendly and helpful too. 🙂

Steve Crosbie

Very pleasant and professional guys, quickly resolved my problems and helped me to get all my things set up again via team viewer. Excellent service and value.

Andy Tappa

I went in and was advised not to spend my money, instead I was given 15mins of the staff members time to help find a better and cheaper solution elsewhere, that was incredibly honest and kind service! I have been in several times to have various power ports fixed and batteries sorted in the past. The service has always been superb and I will not go elsewhere!