GHD Repairs

Gadget Doctor Repairs Your GHD’s

*Please Note that we are currently unable to repair GHD 6.0 Eclipse or GHD Platinum Straighteners due to parts currently being unavailable. As soon as they become available again we’ll be able to start repairs on them again.

Just like mobile phones, GHD hair straighteners are classed as a necessity these GHD Repairs days, well, to those lucky enough to be blessed with a full head of hair! That’s why we at Gadget Doctor Scotland appreciate the frustration when your GHD straighteners go on the blink!

All GHD repairs are now only £25.00!

GHD repairs include (but are not limited to):

  • GHDs Silent and not turning on (dead)
  • GHDs Not Heating Up
  • GHDs Making Noise but not turning on
  • GHDs Overheating Issues
  • GHDs Thermal Fuse Issues/Repair
  • GHDs Sparking
  • One Plate heating up
  • GHD cable Repair/Replacement
  • GHDs not getting hot enough to work effectively
  • Loose GHD Plates
  • GHD Ceramic Plate Repair/Replacement
  • Main GHD Power Cord Repair/Replacement
  • GHD Resistor Repair/Replacement
  • GHD Heater Element Repair/Replacement
  • Broken GHD Arm Repair/Replacement
  • GHD Hinge Repair/Replacement
  • GHD Hinge Spring Repair/Replacement
  • GHD Plastic Melted
  • GHD Arms/Plates not touching

And many more, simply contact us or bring your GHDs in!

Please be aware you may be experiencing problems if your GHDs are fake. Fake GHDs are much more likely to break and be problematic, they will not be of the same standard as real GHDs.

If you are experiencing problems with your GHDs such as sparking or a suspected damaged cable/wire and they have not yet been repaired, it is not recommended that you continue to use them as they may be a fire hazard.

It is also not recommended that you bring GHDs still under the warranty period to us as they can still be fixed for free. If we fix them they will not longer be considered under warranty.

Gadget Doctor Scotland can save you a fortune and revive your faulty GHD hair straighteners. Just pop into our East Kilbride branch and one of our experienced technicians will take a look and provide a free no obligation quote for the repair. There’s no need to have them sent away for an expensive and time consuming repair (if they are not under warranty).

No appointment required, just pop in and see us and we will straighten you out! We offer a no fix no fee policy, which means you only pay if we carry out a repair, diagnosis is completely free. We may also advise you on where to go if we are unable to carry out a repair for whatever reason, however that is usually rare.

If you live the East Kilbride area you can now make use of our Free Collection Service. To book you a Free Collection and drop off, call 01355 458135 or use our Contact Form. We will simply collect your device, carry out a repair and return it to you. If you live outwith East Kilbride, there is a small £10 fee for our collection and drop off service, which covers petrol.

So don’t wait, we have very friendly staff and we would love to take your call and see how we can help you with broken screen’s or laptop repairs, with the experience we have built we have not yet found a challenge that we couldn’t make a positive outcome, don’t believe us have a look at our testimonials and that should give you a glimpse of how we help or go back to our home page for more information.