Desktop Repairs

Desktop Repair

Gadget Doctor Scotland’s Desktop RepairsDesktop Repairs

At Gadget Doctor Scotland our experienced technicians will undertake all kinds of desktop repairs. We understand how much time and effort people put into keeping their PC up to date and running smoothly.

The more time people spend with their computer, the more likely an accident is to occur, which could potentially damage their PC. Sometimes the damage is superficial and there is less work which needs to be carried out.

However, the damage can be severe which could lead to costly repair fees. But there is no need to fret! Gadget Doctor is here to help with cheap prices and fast repair times! Why not have our experienced technicians have a look at your desktop and provide you with a quote?

Services provided: (but are not limited to)

  • Desktop Software Issues
  • Power Supply Unit (PSU) Replacement
  • Operating System Problems
  • Upgrades
  • Graphics Card Replacement
  • Adding & Removing Devices
  • Motherboard Replacement
  • Changing & Upgrading DVD/Blu-Ray Drives
  • Desktop Graphics Problems (No Display/Blocks & Lines on Screen)
  • Keyboard Repair/Replacement
  • Back up
  • Data recovery
  • Internet connection or Email issues
  • Computer not turning on (Dead)
  • Internal repairs
  • Malware removal (Includes installing antivirus software)

Drop In your Desktop

For the vital performance of your machine, everything must be running smoothly. If it’s not or you suspect there may be problems with your operating system, bring your desktop box into our East Kilbride office and one of our experienced technicians will take a look and identify any potential issues you may be having.

If you are experiencing a problem which is not listed above, simply ask us for a free, no obligation quote for your repair. We offer a no fix no fee policy, which means you will only need to pay if we carry out a repair, diagnosis is completely free.

We may also advise you on where to go if we are unable to carry out a repair, or your desktop PC is still under warranty (this is usually rare however). No appointment is required, just drop off your device or contact us today!

Please note that we may not always be able to recover your data. We will also let you know if we are required to back up your files, just for precaution in case an update potentially goes wrong. We will always ask you and let you know what’s going on before we do anything like this.

If you live the East Kilbride area you can now make use of our Free Collection Service. To book you a Free Collection and drop off, call 01355 458135 or use our Contact Form. We will simply collect your device, carry out a repair and return it to you. If you live outwith East Kilbride, there is a small £10 fee for our collection and drop off service, which covers petrol.

So don’t wait, we have very friendly staff and we would love to take your call and see how we can help you with broken screen’s or laptop repairs, with the experience we have built we have not yet found a challenge that we couldn’t make a positive outcome, don’t believe us have a look at our testimonials and that should give you a glimpse of how we help or go back to our home page for more information.

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