Console Repairs

Gadget Doctor Repairs Consoles

At Gadget Doctor Scotland we undertake all kinds of games console repairs.  

If you have a problem with your console that is not listed on the site, contact us for a free no obligation quote for the repair. If you wish to quickly find a problem, hold down ctrl + F and search for the console on this page.

If you live the East Kilbride area you can now make use of our Free Collection Service. To book you a Free Collection and drop off, call 01355 458135 or use our Contact Form. We will simply collect your device, carry out a repair and return it to you. If you live outwith East Kilbride, there is a small £10 fee for our collection and drop off service, which covers petrol.

We also do software mods, just ask for more information.

Xbox One repairs:

One Ring of Death

This doesn’t need to mean the death of your Xbox, simply bring it to us and our expert technicians will take a look at it for you!

Disc Drive Repair

If there is something stuck in the disc drive, or you are having another issue, we can help.

Disc Reading Errors

It can be frustrating when you want to play a game but your xbox is having none of it.

Open tray errors

There may be something stuck in or blocking the tray or there may be a deeper rooted problem.


PS4 Repairs:

BLOD – Blue Light of Death

You may have heard of the Red Light of Death (RLoD) from the xbox 360 or the Yellow Light of Death (YLoD) from the ps3, now there is the Blue Light of Death (BLoD) with the PS4.

Blu-Ray Drive Replacement

If we are unable to repair the drive for you we can source and provide a replacement for you.

Hard Drive Upgrades

If your Hard Disc Drive has failed or if you perhaps want to upgrade to a
higher capacity drive then let us help you.

No Power

Another problem you may have with the PS4 is no power, which can be very frustrating. At Gadget Doctor Scotland we can help. Bring your console to us and our expert technicians will take a look at it for you.

Self-Ejecting Disc Drive

A common problem with the PS4 is the disc drive ejecting by itself. At Gadget Doctor Scotland we can help. Bring your console to us and our expert technicians can fix it in no time!

It can be frustrating when your console stops working properly, especially when you’re in the mood to play something. If you’re having issues with your laser drive, why not bring it to us?

So don’t wait, we have very friendly staff and we would love to take your call and see how we can help you with broken screen’s or laptop repairs, with the experience we have built we have not yet found a challenge that we couldn’t make a positive outcome, don’t believe us have a look at our testimonials and that should give you a glimpse of how we help or go back to our home page for more information.